.cloud Domain Extension

Don’t miss out!

If there is one new TLD expected to garner enormous interest, it is the .cloud domain extension. Companies offering cloud services are sprouting up everywhere and need to compete with existing suppliers; each and everyone is jostling for their own niche in the market place. So everyone is in the race to achieve the best/strongest, most memorable .cloud domain name. But you need to hurry.

Fact: who ever owns .cloud, owns the future. Do away with all those local hard discs, gathering dust under your desk. Increasingly we file away our data in the cloud: our images, documents, music, appointments, addresses, etc. Companies desperately want to offload their own local limited and vulnerable servers which huff and puff the day away in some small overheated room. Stop feeding these insatiable power hungry dinosaurs from the stone-age of computing.

The significance of a strong .cloud domain name is entirely self evident. If you supply cloud services, you will be well aware of the vital implication of distinguishing yourself from the competition. And you can do this with a perfect .cloud domain name. Stylish, clear and very now. This is the moment for creating your own ideal online name, the very moment to hog the limelight centre stage in front of your target audience in one clear, confident move. If you miss this boat, someone else will surely take your place.

If you would like to have and maintain a strong domain name, then now is the time to protect your own brands and products from being hijacked by other parties. With the arrival of the .cloud extension, many of your competitors will be trying to register the ideal domain name for their own ends. And this may very well be your name with the new .cloud extension behind it; the name you currently use with the .nl or .com extension. This is something you really need to avoid.

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