.clothing Domain Extension

Your own fashion on your own unique website

Fashion designers more than anything else like to set themselves apart from the competition. They do this of course by their creative efforts and even more so in the way they present their work. Now, thanks to the .clothing extension, they can also do this online with their own domain name.

This anchoring via the .clothing gTLD is for absolutely everyone who has anything to do with the rag trade. Everyone from the larger department stores and recognised brands all the way to the smaller boutiques and independent labels. This also encompasses suppliers of materials and fabrics, for example, who will be easier to identify in the clothing sector with their own .clothing domain name. The arrival of .clothing also means that the competition could potentially register your brand, product or name online. Prevent this by registering your own .clothing domain name now.

This also applies to all bloggers. Do you write every day about the very latest moves in fashion trends, with a real desire and commitment to remain a vital cog in the scene? Then a .clothing domain name will be truly indispensable to you.
Your potential followers will be able to locate you faster and easier when you have a clear .clothing domain name. This also represents an unambiguous statement of intent: clothing is your business, your passion, your life.

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