.cafe Domain Extension

Create a strong online alternative

As manager, supplier or stakeholder, you can pre-register your ideal .cafe domain name with Vevida. You can of course use the original name of your café. But you could also consider alternatives such as party.cafe, puband.cafe, traditionaldutch.cafe, karaoke.cafe or bistro.cafe. You couldn’t make it any clearer for your target group. And that is a good thing too, because there are a huge number to choose from and with a  .cafe domain name it will be easier to find you online.

Pre-register your favourite domain name now and capture your personal place on the web. A place where you can present your photos, videos and other information. This will enable you to create a stronger connection with your visitors and give them an online place to chat with their friends. It will also help tourists looking for a friendly café to find their way to you.
This is the moment to take ownership of that great name you saw used somewhere else as well as to ensure others don’t hijack your own favourite name.

Are you a supplier? Then you will of course want the managers of cafés, bars and pubs to be able to find you easily. They will need to know that you can supply the best tables, chairs and barstools; that you have the best coffee beans on offer; that your glassware is the strongest and most durable; that you have more than twenty years of experience in renovating bars, restaurants and cafés; and that your serviettes, hygienic wipes and cleaning products are absolutely essential.

Café means coffee in Spanish, Portuguese and French, so the .cafe extension can also be used by coffee brands, coffee roasting houses and coffee manufacturers.
A .cafe domain name would also make an excellent web portal for cafés in a particular city or region to present themselves.

Is is not yet clear when the .cafe extension will be launched. But you can pre-register your favourite .cafe domain name with Vevida now. This won’t commit you to anything. Only after the price has been announced will you need to give us your definitive order and make your payment. In the meantime we will keep you updated.

Deal? Then pre-register with Vevida now.