.brussels Domain Extension

For anyone who wishes to emphasise their connection with the region

The .brussels domain name refers to Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the European Union. But .brussels can also refer to one of the three regions in the country, the others being Flanders and Wallonia. Brussels is brimming with commercial, cultural and social activities. So if you want a piece of this particular pie, you will need to be part of it first.

It is an absolute must for anyone who has any kind of connection with the city, the region or with anything that goes on within these areas to register a .brussels domain name. This will include businesses, political organisations, government, local authorities, residents, cultural institutions, theatre companies, self employed, bands, products, brands and many, many more.

The .brussels domain name extension is an initiative of the DNS, with support from the City of Brussels. DNS is the registry operator for the .be country code. A .brussels domain name is not restricted to people, businesses and local authorities from Brussels. If you are interested but live outside this region, you can still register a .brussels domain name.

It would for example be very worthwhile registering a .brussels domain name if you do business with entrepreneurs from this region and you wish to place extra emphasis on your involvement with the city and the region. This would be a very smart move, because in uncertain economic times everyone likes to give the job to a ‘neighbour’. Their motto is ‘let’s help each other to survive the crisis’.  This shows that you are the person people should do doing business with whenever it concerns the city or the region.

You should see the advent of the .brussels extension as the perfect opportunity to register the ideal domain name for you, before the competition does. This will not only protect your own brand, name or product, but also put you a step ahead of the competition. This could even include registering their domain names but with the .brussels extension.

Register your .brussels domain now!