.auto Domain Extension

For everything and everyone related to cars

Do you have anything to do with cars? Then an .auto domain name will be right up your street! This domain name is perfect for car manufacturers and dealers as well as classic car dealers, traders and lease companies. An .auto domain name will be particularly useful if you are a garage, insurance company, scrapyard dealer, parts supplier,  importer of retailer, to help you set yourself apart from your main competitors.

The exact date the .auto extension will go live is not yet known. But you can pre-register your favourite .auto domain name with Vevida now. This won’t commit you to anything. Only after the price has been announced will you have to give us your definitive order and then make your payment. In the meantime, we will keep you updated of any progress.

So, don’t miss the boat and pre-register your .auto domain name today.