.app domeinnaam

.app Domain Extension

Is there an app for that? Yes a .app!

Is there an app for that? This has become a very popular expression – and not just among the young. The app is the future and the world of app developers is booming. They have all been waiting for their own .app extension.

And now it is coming. An .app domain name is of course absolutely essential for all developers and software companies specialised in apps. But app stores, telecom companies, mobile phone manufacturers and app forums will also benefit from an .app domain name.

It is important to act fast though. A great deal of interest is expected for this .app extension. Companies that develop high-ranking apps and other popular companies should be particularly alert. Domain hijackers are always on the lookout for sought after domain names linked to a new extension. Their eagerness will be even greater if a brand or product name hasn’t yet been registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

On the other hand, this is the time to use the .app extension to register for your own use that great domain name currently being used by someone else. This will put you a step ahead of your competitors.
The most important argument to register an .app domain name has to be to enable your target group to find you easily online. This will enable you to achieve the online success you hoped for.

It is  not yet clear when the .app extension will go on general sale to the public. The roll out of this extension in currently in the sunrise period. During this phase, the brand name proprietors registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse have a preferential right to link their name or product to the .app extension. This will be followed by the landrush phase and only then by the general sale.

However, this doesn’t stop you pre-registering for an .app domain name now, so you will be eligible if it does go on general sale. Are you the registered proprietor of a brand name? Then contact our Customer Services now. If you are not, but see opportunities for your business, then pre-register with Vevida now. We will keep you updated of the latest developments.