amsterdam domeinnaam

.amsterdam Domain Extension

Amsterdam has it! Have you?

Amsterdam has it! Soon our capital will have its very own  .amsterdam extension. As an entrepreneur and resident, you can be part of this too! With your own .amsterdam domain name you’ll leave nothing to the imagination. This is my city. This is where my company is located. This is where you need to be, as my partner, customer or visitor.

This sought after domain name extension will soon be able to be used by the business community, restaurants, hotels, the self-employed, tourist attractions and anyone who wants to emphasise their connection with the city. The are numerous possibilities, but there are just as many ways of missing the boat.

If you are a shipowner, you will of course want to encourage tourists and day-trippers to board one of your boats for their cruise around the canals and not go to one of the other jetties. So claim the domain name now. It is also the perfect opportunity to register for your own use those cruising phrases that are popular with your colleagues/competitors. If you don’t, they certainly will.

Many people will be able to benefit from the new .amsterdam domain name, not just shipowners. Large retail chains such as Bijenkorf and V&D will be getting on board. The government will be seizing the opportunity. As will theatres, cinemas, museums and venues for music and other events. So take this opportunity to pre-register the perfect domain name for you.

You don’t have to be the owner of a large company. It is all about setting yourself apart from the rest. Are you the best baker in Amsterdam? Then pre-register Is your café the place to be? Then set up to redirect to your current web address. Do you want the world to know how to get to your unique souvenir shop or that you are the best plumber in Amsterdam? You know what you have to do!

Stay a step ahead of the competition and check now whether your domain name can be enhanced with .amsterdam.

Pre-register with Vevida now. Before someone else does.