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What are the new extensions?


Link to this headingProtect your domain name, brand and business with the new extensions

The web will be getting hundreds of new domain extensions over 2014 and 2015. Classic extensions such as .com, .net and .org will be joined by the likes of .amsterdam, .app, .hotel, .shop, .film and many more. Take action now to protect your brand, product or company name before others beat you to it. You can pre-register these new extensions now with Vevida, at no charge and with no commitment.

Thanks to the arrival of six hundred new domain name extensions, you now have the chance to grab your ideal domain name. Selling bike accessories? Personalise your domain name with the .bike extension. Organising tours in the capital? Emphasise your link to that location with a .amsterdam extension. Renting out bungalows in Flanders? You don’t want to miss .vlaanderen. Running a hotel or hostel? The .hotel domain extension is for you. Managing an escort agency? Everyone knows where they stand with the .sex extension. An online store would just look silly without a domain ending in .shop.

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With the right domain extension, it’s crystal clear for potential clients what you’re selling or where your company is based, giving you that competitive edge. You can register the extension(s) you know you need with Vevida.

You can prevent others – the so-called “domain hijackers” – from stealing your name or brand too. If your preferred domain has been registered by someone else, the cost to get it back can be considerable – not a situation you want to be in! Have a look at this diagram for an overview of all the new extensions currently available. Then there’s this overview of the ones still to come.

Link to this headingAlmost 1,400 new extensions

Almost 1,400 new extensions are being launched worldwide over the coming years. These are generic top-level domains or extensions. This will give rise to millions of new domain name combinations. Around six hundred of these are available for “open registration”, meaning you can register or pre-register these with Vevida as normal. Some examples include .baby, .food, .auto, .film, .shop, .app, .website, .amsterdam, .gratis… there are so many to choose from!

The new domain names won’t all be arriving on the market at the same time. The availability and pricing announcements for most of the extensions are still a long way off, but we’ll keep you in the loop. Some extensions are available to register already, while others can be pre-registered through us in advance.