Domain Redirection

Register a domain name
Redirect to another website
Redirect to social media
Redirect 1 e-mail address (catch-all)

Have your domain and email redirect to a website or social media page.

As a company, you can register a domain for your brands and products. Have this redirect to your company website or landing page. This will make you easier to find. In this way you create more entrances to your website.

As a private individual, you can have your personal domain name redirect to a social media page where you want to be found.

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Do you want to claim a domain and have it redirect to another internet address? You can easily set this up using our MyVevida customer portal.

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Would you like advice about the possibilities? Please contact our customer service. We’ll be happy to help.

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Register your desired domain name with Domain Redirection:

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We have an incentive to do the best we can, because you can transfer your unique domain name to another service provider at any time if you are unhappy with our services. We are certain that the superior quality of our products and service will never make you even consider this option.