For our hosting infrastructure, speed, security and sustainability are the most important requirements. Choosing the right datacenters for the job is of utmost importance. The TCN and NLDC data centers in Groningen are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 quality standards. It offers a combination of top technology, connectivity, security, cooling and fire control. This makes TCN and NLDC extremely safe and reliable data centers. This is the perfect location for Vevida to host your websites and business-critical web applications.

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Vevida owns all its servers and is responsible for their management and does not involve other companies in this. Only our own system engineers have access to our rack space, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Our data center is directly connected to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX).

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We use powerful and up-to-date Dell, HP and Supermicro servers.

Our servers run:

  • Windows (web hosting and MS SQL databases)
  • CentOS (email, MySQL databases and supporting services)
  • Free BSD and Solaris (specific tasks such as firewalls and backups)

We are connected to the AMS-IX by a 10-gigabit ethernet connection (2x 10Gb/sec) with redundant configuration. Our switches are Juniper, HP Procurve and Extreme Networks in redundant configuration.

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All the servers are backed up every night. Backups are also stored off-site. These backups are intended for our own use should anything go wrong with one of the servers. Customers with the Extra Secure component (included in Premium Hosting) are able to restore back-ups of the website, email and database from up to 7 days themselves. Customers with a 4 weeks Backup plan can restore up to 4 weeks of backups. This can be done entirely independently via the MyVevida customer portal.

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Our servers and the service that they provide are checked continuously, 24/7/365. The servers are equipped with an automated error tracking and error resolution system. This ensures that the server takes action on both software and hardware if a malfunction occurs. As soon as the problem cannot be resolved automatically, a Vevida employee will be notified directly. This person can resolve the problem manually.

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Every Wednesday night after the second Tuesday of the month we carry out planned maintenance from 02:00 h. Due to required rebooting, every server is usually down at a planned moment for 5 – 10 minutes, once per month. Customers are always informed of this in advance with our ‘hosting updates’ and Twitter (you can register via the link).

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Is the internet important to your business operations and do you want to be online continuously? Contact our customer service for more information or order online.

Why Vevida?

Choosing Vevida means choosing certainty, security and exceptional customer service.

We have an incentive to do the best we can, because you can transfer your unique domain name to another service provider at any time if you are unhappy with our services. We are certain that the superior quality of our products and service will never make you even consider this option.